Songs for the Heartbroken & the Ones in Love

By: Jennellee Samkhem & Casey Duyan


“To most people, February 14th is a long-awaited day spent with a significant other, most likely filled with flowers, chocolate, and romance. For others, it’s one of the many days to point out that they’re a single pringle ready to mingle in their own party mix. Then, there are people like me who don’t even remember what day of the week it is, thus forgetting about Valentine’s Day entirely until someone brings it up.” - Jennellee Samkhem in “So… Valentine’s Day”

With that being said, it’s been nearly a year since I wrote that article (go check it out if you haven’t already!) and this year, I decided that it would be perfect to create two playlists for all the couples and single pringles out there. Also, special thanks to Casey for writing the last four song descriptions in each category!



1. “Ending Scene” by IU: Although originally sung in Korean, IU manages to transcend the language barrier and clearly expresses how someone can still wish an ex-lover the best despite feeling betrayed and alone. The piano and raw emotion in this song expresses the pain and confusing feelings that follow breaking up with someone you still love.

2. “Talking to the Moon” by Bruno Mars: Death is a ruthless entity, and although you already knew this, it is heartwrenching to truly experience him. He looms over you as you wish your lover was back. He’s here, he’s there, he’s always with you whenever you think of her. And the only way that you can feel her warmth again is through talking to the moon

3. “Lost Stars” by Adam Levine: It’s been a rough couple of weeks (and if you’re telling the truth here, still a very rough time). The spark of passion the two of you once shared has faded out as time and work became prioritized over love and happiness. Although it ended on mutual terms and you understand it’s for the best, the pain still lingers.

4. “Idk Love” by Jeremy Zucker (explicit): You’re lying in bed with the sheets tousled and unmade for days. Soft light reaches through your curtains and covers your eyes as if trying to say “It’s a new day; you’re okay”. Yet, the feeling of shock is still washing over you. It’s hard to get up today.

5. “N Y L A” by blackbear: Good morning texts despite a three hour time difference. Random calls throughout the day. Daily Skype call at 10 until whoever crashes first. 306 days left until “the visit”!! I love you. I miss you. I wish you were here. We can do this. Sorry, I’ll call you back later. I’m sorry, I forgot. I’ll make it up. I’m busy right now give me a few minutes. I can’t handle this. This is hard. I’m so sorry.


6. “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” by The Script: It’s a solemn life without you. Days turned into weeks and weeks into months and, before I knew it, months into a year. I still can’t get over you. So, I’ll wait for you, at the same spot where we first met. And even if you never come, I’ll still be waiting.

7. “Thinking of You” by Katy Perry: Imagine, a 1940’s housewife receives a devastating letter declaring that her lover was killed in combat. In order to cope with the pain, she seeks out a new partner only to realize that no one will ever love her the same way her past lover did.

8. “Lookalike” by Conan Gray: Remember all those summer nights? Us in each other's arms, staring up at the stars? The way the fireplace would flicker and light up your face perfectly? Guess so, I just hope he's treating you as well as I did...

9. “Knowing Me, Knowing You” by Abba: Throughout their relationship, a couple had gone through multiple trials, tribulations, and an overall rocky relationship. When one of the partners has an affair, the pair decides to finally end their chaotic relationship.

10. “First Burn: by Ari Afsar, Julia Harriman, Lexi Lawson, Rachelle Ann Go, and Shoba Narayan: Where did I go wrong? Was I just never enough? What does she have that I don't? Well, maybe you never deserved me in the first place, maybe I was too good for you all along. This is definitely your loss.

In Love:


1. “Sooner” by Andrew Allen: It’s been forty-four years since the two of you met. Yet, nothing’s changed; she’s just as beautiful and as special as she’s always been. Neither of you strayed and you’ve always cherished your relationship. The two of you are now happily reminiscing your favorite memories together while looking through an old album.

2. “Red Roses” by AJ Rafael: “There you are with your light brown hair Apologize ‘cause all that I did was stare And no I’m not a creeper I swear that I’m a keeper I’m just glad that you noticed that I was there”

3. “Written in the Stars” by WENDY and John Legend: It’s a cold winter’s day. You’re wrapped up in a warm blanket next to the fireplace with your significant other. The both of you clink your mugs in thankfulness for each other and cuddle the night away.

4. “Some” by Soyou and Junggigo (ft. Lil Boi of Geeks): First catching feelings for someone is always a tricky and a very rocky path. And, when you’re wedged between “flirting” and “relationship”, things can get a little… awkward. But then again, that’s the fun of young love!

5. “Lost in You” by khai dreams: How did you end up there? Sitting on the top of a truck, stargazing with your childhood best friend as you watch them gasp with delight from the beauty in front of them. But to you, your friend is even more magnificent. They’re always full of surprises. They’re special to you. And before you can stop yourself for the 200th time, you say, “I have something to tell you...”


6. “In Your Arms” by Kina Grannis: I’ve traveled across the entire galaxy and my favorite place is still in your arms. We’ve been through thick and thin and I just wanted to let you know that I love you, and I’m very thankful to have you in my life.

7. “Valentine” by Pentatonix: You can't help but watch and admire them as they walk down the hall. They may never know you exist, but that doesn't stop you from letting your imagination run wild.

8. “Paper Airplane” by Jeremy Passion: The Skype calls help the most. Despite the distance, being able to hear your voice and see you smile let's me know we can make it. I’ll wait for as long as I need to see that smile and hear that voice again.

9. “Lucky” by Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caillat: Young love is funny in all its little ways. You feel so lucky to have that special person in your life, you care about them with all your heart and they mean everything to you. Days away from them feels like months and you just can't wait to tightly embrace them.

10. “Nobody” by Todrick Hall: You hear a bell jingle as you turn to see your girlfriend walk through the diner door. There's always something about the way she walks, maybe it's the way her hips sway or how her eyes crinkle as she smiles, whatever it is, it makes you feel as if everything is right in the world; nobody compares to her.