Mario Kart Tour: A Review

mario kart.jpg

By: Abby Lisk


Since the beginning of time, well my time, the digital racing game “Mario Kart” has been a very large part of people’s lives, mostly mine. It brings back memories of playing with my brother on our DSI’s during long car rides and having races with my neighbors across the street who are now too old to be playing the WII with us. Since 1992, fans of this game have been playing nonstop and nobody was mentally prepared for them to drop this new app on us. On September 25th, 2019, Nintendo released “Mario Kart Tour”, a new phone version of this game that managed to break the internet. Now, in my opinion, I freaking love this new game. It just brings back memories and nostalgia from my childhood, and I’m not really paying attention to the nitty-gritty details that people are criticizing the game for. Honestly, just being able to play it again is a win for me. 

I’ve been trying to avoid reading articles about how horrible the game is and just trying to remain blissfully ignorant to all of its flaws, but for the sake of this paper, I took it upon myself to read exactly one story. The author did say good things about the visuals and sounds, which I appreciated, but honestly, I agreed with all her criticisms. She mentioned how awful the steering is because it’s so different from what players are used to. It’s a big jump from using a whole game controller to just one finger on a phone screen. Another big point she made was how easy it was. The game basically makes you win, it’s extremely difficult to come last in a race. Lastly, she talked about how much money they ask for. Part of the game’s “currency” are these Rubies that really cost a fortune. You need them to get new characters, cars, and gliders for racing. You can also use them to get more coins. It takes 5 Rubies to get a new item, may I mention its a SURPRISE. The game doesn’t let you choose what you’re going to get, and even duplicates items sometimes. In real money, it’s $1.99 for 3 rubies and the deals get better for more. But you’re basically paying more than a dollar for a new item that you don’t get to pick. Anyway, the game does have many flaws right now, I’ll admit that, but I’m deciding to let it slide since it came out just barely a week ago.


Mario Kart Tour really has taken the internet by surprise this past week with its release, but overall, I don’t think everyone’s disappointed. Yes, it’s very flawed, but people are more focused on having fun with it. The game takes everyone back to when they weren’t super stressed with school and life, and it gives them a chance to have a little bit of fun again. For anyone wanting inspiration to play it, this Mario Kart fan says 100% yes. Just have a little fun. 

Abby Lisk