The Things Behind Me and the Things to Come

By: Christina Diep


New Year’s Day is always an exciting day. The Rose Parade starts off the new morning in Pasadena with a grand parade, magnificent floats, and bands from all over the country performing. After the parade passes, the two best college football teams play it out for the championship title at the Rose Bowl.

2018. This year went by like a whirlwind. Many things have happened this year and time has passed quicker than ever. My eighth grade year was one to remember. Hanging out with friends, laughing. Having a crush on someone, falling head over heels. Learning that I had a passion for basketball considering that I have never played ever in my entire life. Of course, the year wouldn’t be completed without some drama added to the mix. But in the end, I made it through.

Promotion day came around faster than I ever expected. I never thought that I’d be hours away from becoming a incoming freshman at Villa Park. The event was spectacular. Everyone was in their finest outfit and picture ready for the bajillion pictures to come after the ceremony. Celebrating with friends, happy together as we are excited to be starting high school together. For some, it was a moment of goodbyes, leaving for different schools, hugging and crying knowing that it won’t be the same without them. Then the day finally came: Registration Day. Everyone was excited to get their lockers and new class schedules. The most exciting part… seeing our friends have the same classes as we did. Then came the dreaded and nerve-wracking day, the first day of school. My first few days of school were terrible! My classes were all messed up, and I had classes when I didn’t apply for them. I was scared because I’d be the only one that didn’t know what to do; I couldn’t have the material for the class if I was in the wrong one. Well, I guess it’s something to remember in my senior year before I graduate. My classes were in order and everything was back to normal again. Basketball tryouts were a few days after and I was a nervous wreck. I was the only one who didn’t attend summer camp and I was still relatively new to the sport. I came and I saw many familiar faces. I wasn’t that close with them in middle school, but as we were trying out, they noticed that I was nervous and they gave me some encouragement telling me that I was going to make it by being the best I could be and I shouldn’t be worried. They were right, the results were up and I made the team. I have made many new friends and gotten closer with many as well and this year has been a blast!

However, this year was also filled with plenty of misery and despair. Many of my relatives have passed away this year. My grandparents, their close friends, the old people in my church who have always treated me and my sister so well have also gone from the world. The fall season was definitely a miserable time for me. I was always in constant fear. Who was next? My parents whom I loved to death? My sister whom I couldn’t live without? I didn’t know what to do and I was living in a black hole. Not knowing where the exit was and how to get out. Wanting to cry out for help and for someone to rescue me from my painful, dizzy thoughts. These events have shaped my life in the most unimaginable way possible. Although I would love to go back in time to prevent it from happening, it’s something that I can’t change and it’s best if it were left behind.

The future. Sounds scary but also ecstatic. Knowing nothing about what’s n store for me in the future. No clues, foreshadowing, or a crystal ball. But all I’m hoping for this New Year’s is that I get through high school without a hitch while having a wonderful time with my friends and family.

Sydney Ho