2 AM

A Haiku by: Jennellee Samkhem


2 AM

It’s a bright black night

Light from my laptop shines as

My replacement star

In short, this poem is both a jab at light pollution and a small reflection on how I spent the last few weeks of my freshman year. For those who are unaware of light pollution: light pollution is the reason why civilians who live in the suburbs and cities see only one or two stars a night. With the great amounts of light emitted from buildings and other unnatural sources of light, there is more light in the night sky that competes with the stars in the sky. Despite the sky looking as dark as it had for the past few decades, the night sky is no longer black or a dark shade of purple, but instead a lighter hue of blue. This in turn makes the stars look about as bright as the sky; and after years of producing and letting this manufactured light shine brighter, more and more stars seem to disappear from our night sky overtime. As for the freshman year portion in my short explanation, well, let’s just say that’s the life of your average high school student!

Brief Announcement:

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Jennellee Samkhem and the Iliad staff

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