Spirit Week 2018

By: The Iliad Staff


Starting from the 70's and following the yellow brick road, Villa Park's very own Link Crew proves that the Spartan spirit is more alive than ever! 

Scroll down to see what How Link Crew Transformed Villa Park on a whole new level.


In addition to their thematic decorations around campus, Link Crew held fantastic and fun lunchtime games! We were all thoroughly impressed by how much effort was put into this Spirit Week. There hasn't been quite an event so "extra" as this one in the 2017-2018 year, and we'r expecting Link to bring even more incredible events to the table from here on out!

Nearly every wall on campus was decorated with posters pertaining to every theme, from Spongebob Sophomores to the Seniors of Oz; each part of the school was dedicated to a theme. The T-buildings were covered in peace signs and bright colors, while the gym and R-building recreated Amity Island. Everyone was shocked to see that almost every square inch of space was filled with posters and signs.