Keeping Cool this Summer Season

story curated by: Sydney Ho

I can only ever think of the Californian summertime season as “too hot”. For my autumn-loving self, it seems appropriate that summer isn’t going to be my favorite time of year. Ideally, my perfect day would rest at around 72 degrees, with a cool breeze and a slightly overcast sky, but with our summer days breaking 100 degrees, I can’t help but dread the beginning of June.

Then again, don’t we all have these amazing feelings and memories attached to the idea of summer? The freedom, happiness, wildness that comes with the summertime sun, things we want to grasp out of the frames of a teen movie. I don’t quite know how much of that is real, or how much of it is made up in our imaginations as we wait for the final school bell to ring. We all want to feel like we’re starring as the main character about to embark on an amazing adventure (or maybe that’s just me).

One of our amazing Journalism writers, Sophie Abiog, has some amazing recommendations to check out over the summer.


"For one, I recommend you visit Santa Monica! The pier is a great place to have fun with friends and family; there are rides, the nearby beach, and a huge array of shops and restaurants. It's a one-stop kind of place that brings trendy little shops, high-end stores, summing under the sun, and a nice walk on the pier into a beautiful memory.

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I would also recommend Bruster's Ice Cream, which is located on Tustin Street. This ice cream establishment has been around for a little while, but the flavors served here will definitely go down in history. With flavors like Peanut Butter Graham (that has thick slabs of peanut butter and *actual* graham cracker crumb clusters mixed in), and even more fun and delicious flavors, you will not be disappointed. I'd even call it the best ice cream shop in Orange by far. Not hanging around home for the summer? Head downy to the coast-side location of the Islands restaurant, where you'll find a variety of desserts to choose from. This is the best place to cool down your senses with some sweet ice cream this summer."

You heard it here, Spartans! I know as June and July approaches, I'll be welcoming ice-cream season with open arms (Sophie has definitely convinced me). See you on Tuesday for another new post!

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