A Drift in the Cyber Seas

By: Jennellee Samkhem


With the U.S. Postal Service and the Internet, handwriting letters and sending them out by sea seems far outdated. Though, with the development of “Bottled - Message in a Bottle” from Honi Inc., an app design around the idea of sending bottled messages to any individual with the same app around the world, this method of messaging is a timeless classic in the modern age.


To play, the user first has to make an account. The app simply asks for a username, password, and email. Next, the user sets up their own profile which asks for the basic information any person would be comfortable with giving. Then, after a tutorial explaining how to write a letter, send the letter out, and how to message people back if you decide to “keep their bottle” (want to keep in touch and message them again), the user is all set and free to write letters to new people around the world!

Honestly, the main reason I downloaded this app was because of the art. The icon for “Bottled” is very simple yet attractive to the eye. This allows the user to play the app freely without running into any complicated and confusing programs. 

Another unique aspect of “Bottled” is the community of people. Most of the people I’ve met so far have been kind with simple greetings and polite thoughts. One of my first encounters was with a girl from the US. In the bottle she sent out, the girl wrote, “Hey so I don’t really know what to say. So if you want to hear stupid cheesy pick up lines and super cheesy jokes just keep this bottle and shoot me a text,” to which I responded by keeping her bottle and holding an amusing conversation.

There aren’t many major flaws about “Bottled” except for waiting for a response or a bottle to wash up on your shore and some unfortunate encounters with people who have ill intentions. Other than that, I believe that this app is well developed and stylized to everyone. I would rate this app 9.2/10 for its simplistic concept, art, and execution.

Jennellee Samkhem