A Quick Peek at "What's Eating Gilbert Grape"

By: Sophie Abiog


What's Eating Gilbert Grape is a heralding movie starring Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio playing two brothers not going anywhere in their small town. This movie is one of my favorites and it is because of how each and every single person and situation is a marker of what is making Gilbert (Depp), feel like he's slowly collapsing. DiCaprio plays his younger brother who is mentally impaired and is ultimately Gilbert's biggest responsibility.


The movie follows Gilbert and all the things that he feels entitled to do, and he feels cornered in life without a place to go. He cannot escape his problematic brother, his very overweight dependent mother who hasn't left the house in years, a scandal between him and one of his customers at the grocery store who happens to be married, and the list could go on. It isn't until a young woman who has an affinity for traveling and has been many places, does he have a sparked interest in something. To him, she represents and escape from his town and problems and is something bigger than all of that. With her quirky personality, she opens Gilbert's eyes slowly to a broader picture on life, and especially his life and how to deal with what he has.


I would recommend this movie to everyone because we all feel stuck in some way, shape, or form. Sometimes, we feel like our problems are mounting on top of us, and we have no room to breathe. Gilbert expresses this and the movie follows him as he finds his way to free himself of his restraints. My overall thoughts is that this movie is an all around/age film that can be related to by any age and any person. Gilbert's dry humor and Arnie's (DiCaprio) innocence make the movie a bittersweet tale of learning to make your worst your best. 

Jennellee Samkhem