Woody's Diner of Orange

By: Amy Shirar


Looks can be deceiving, and Woody's is a perfect example of that. From the outside, it looks like a small, cute diner, but on the inside, it is a spacious and perfectly themed restaurant. Walking in, I was immediately consumed with the smell of coffee and breakfast - because I go to school, those two are one and the same. I was greeted by a friendly host who seated me in the back of the diner. When I saw the back, I was in shock, it was hidden in an oasis of booths! There were quite a few people already sitting probably for the televisions. The had at least 10 TVs scattered across the entire place. This is apparently their newest location, they have five others sprinkled across SoCal.

The menu is all-American; burgers, fries, sandwiches, salads, soups, buffalo wings, etc. The have a breakfast, lunch and dinner section on the menu. Breakfast is served all day, lunch is served all day, and dinner (which has specialties like spaghetti) is served only after 4 pm. The dessert options were limited, but they had such a variety! It would be difficult not to find something to please everyone, plus all their desserts are served with Thrifty's Vanilla Ice Cream (#win). The best part is their shakes... The amazing part is not how many flavors of shakes they had, but how many one could make. You can mix however many flavors you want together with toppings, ice cream, and whipped cream.


I got a banana and marshmallow shake with whipped cream and a cherry. I drank the milkshake so fast my food had not even come out yet. Now, because I'm a vegetarian, I could not try their burgers, but I did have their Ultimate Grilled Cheese sandwich, which came with three cheeses, bacon (which I opted out of), and grilled parmesan sourdough bread. It was honestly one of the best grilled cheeses I have ever had. The parmesan mixed with the sourdough was amazing! I gave the other three kinds of cheese on the inside (provolone, jack, and cheddar), a different vibe. The side I got was beer battered fries. They have normal. They have normal fries and they have beer battered, the difference is in the thickness and texture. The beer battered fries are crunchier and smaller - in thickness, the regular fries are bigger and softer.


I ate the whole meal (which is not unusual, I hate wasting food). The waitress I had was extremely kind and welcoming. This diner felt like a place you could come back to every week to have a meal, and the servers would recognize you. I assume they have many regulars, and I was only there one hour. There was a manager who was walking around making sure everything was okay and helping run food, or take care of anything in need. I have been back several times to Woody's, and my overall experiences have been consistent. I highly recommend their food and service.