Infinity War in Three Sentences or Less (Spoiler-Free!)

Curated By: Sydney Ho


Our editors asked around campus to see what everyone thought about Avengers: Infinity War! I know that I, personally, was emotionally wrecked for the entire two hours and thirty minutes, but let's see what the other students have to say...

"Emotions shouldn't exist." -Jackie Cinco, 9th Grade

"Infinity War was extremely well done, as most Marvel movies are, but it destroyed me. I was depressed for the rest of the day. Definitely a must-see, but bring a box of tissues." -Mia Hawkins, 10th Grade

It’s been three days since I saw the movie, and I’m STILL crying. That scene, in the end, no words, just tears. The Russo brothers did an amazing job at handling this big concept extremely well, and I can’t wait to see what’s next.
— Gillian Pascual, 9th Grade

"I honestly loved the movie. I cried at some parts because I love Marvel." -Yessica Salgado, 9th Grade


"It was really funny and the directors did a good job embodying the characters for who they truly were. Especially Spiderman... Tom Holland's secretly my husband." -Sophia Francis, 9th Grade

"It was very intense and made the movie theater almost awkward at times because of how quiet it was. The ending was totally unexpected (and the post-credits scene!) It makes me so eager to see the next part." -Anonymous 

"Squidward. Rabbit. Bubbles." -Mariam Elithy. 9th Grade

"A great movie. Lots of death. Unjust Ending." -Jack Oakes, 9th Grade

Earth is closed today. I don’t wanna go.
— Safa Naimi, 10th grade