Meet Our Editors!

Hey everyone!

So, who are the faces behind the screen? Here's a little introduction to the show-runners of the Villa Park Iliad!

Abby Lisk

Hi! I'm Abby Lisk, one of the new editors for the Villa Park Iliad, and I like animals more than I like myself. Corgis are really awesome, I mean have you seen their legs??? Anyway, in the inspiring words of Pidge Gunderson, "I like peanut butter. And I like peanut butter cookies. But I hate peanuts. They're so dry! Also, I sweat a lot. I mean, in general... Unrelated to peanuts."

Sydney Ho

I'm Sydney! I enjoy tea, sweatpants, and the satisfying clicking of keyboards, which is probably why I'm here. You can find a lot of my articles on the Iliad because as much as I like going through other people's articles, I love writing them even more.

Jennellee Samkhem

Hello! I'm Jennellee! Thank you.

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