So…Valentine’s Day

By: Jennellee Samkhem


To most people, February 14th is a long-awaited day spent with a significant other, most likely filled with flowers, chocolate, and romance. For others, it’s one of the many days to point out that they’re a single pringle ready to mingle in their own party mix. Then, there are people like me who don’t even remember what day of the week it is, thus forgetting about Valentine’s Day entirely until someone brings it up.


Usually on the weekend of Valentine’s Day, I would go outside with my father to cut flowers for my mother. Although, this only happens if it’s another California winter where it’s 70-86 degrees everyday during the “cold” season.


I think Valentine’s Day is great for people who have someone to appreciate and show their love to. I, personally, do not fall into this category and try to spread the platonic love to my friends since we all agree that romantic love is overrated. The only thing that I see Valentine’s Day in this day and age is just a day to spend more money than usual. For the classic couples, it usually starts with a restaurant, then flowers, chocolate, and maybe even jewelry. For the out-of-the-box thinkers, showing appreciation for a significant other is probably even more expensive or time-consuming. Even children spend money on buying candy for their classmates. Everyone spends a little bit of their time or money on Valentine’s Day, whether it’s picking up a significant other for a date or posting memes on the internet above Valentine’s Day is going for everyone not in a romantic relationship.


Is Valentine’s Day important? My answer to that is, in a way. I think that if you have a significant other and they only show their appreciation for you one day a year says a lot about your relationship in general. Unless your significant other is blowing up firecrackers and hiring a mariachi band to commemorate your relationship, Valentine’s Day seems like a normal day with more couples doing PDA and making reservations at fancier, overpriced Olive Gardens.