2017 from a Beauty Standpoint

By: Vanessa Garcia


The year of 2017 was full of weird, fun, and mesmerizing trends. Trends were a big part of the 2017 culture; it was a big year for fashion and beauty especially. Though there were some examples worth following, I know most of us wanted to bury some trends so far deep that they’d never return.


This year’s beauty trends caught the eye of many, though they were all not very successful. To say that there were a few terrible beauty trends in 2017 would be a huge understatement: from strange Beauty Blenders, to putting fur on our ails, to putting glitter on basically everything, it was weird, to say the least. Wavy eyebrows also made an appearance this year…yikes.

Glitter everything. From glittery faces to hair to arms and legs. It’s literally impossible to remove glitter from anything, making this 2017 trend a big no-no in anybody’s book.

Even though there were some pretty terrible beauty concepts, 2017 managed to redeem itself with some good ones. A varying amount of hairstyles came into play; bangs made a big comeback and so did hair extensions. Other things, like ombre lips and chrome nailsmade the 2017 beauty scene a lot more colorful too.


Contrary to our beauty and makeup trends, fashion had a very rewarding year in 2017. The mainrunway flops had to be “flatforms”, wedge sneakers, grills, low-waisted pants, and plastic jeans. Trying to revamp popular clothing items of the past just didn’t seem to work out. However, the number of good fashion trends greatly outnumbered the bad. Anything that was burgundy red, 70’s plaid, velvet, yellow or off-the-shoulder was automatically a hit in all stores. Glitter boots made a huge statement piece inan outfit, and tracksuits allowed chic, sporty style with comfort. Summer and fall really packed a punch in terms of bringing big colors and flowery patterns back into the fashion world, making clothing a lot more versatile in 2017.

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