Head in the Clouds: A Creative Writing Piece

By: Kynsee McDermott


Someday I will see the sunrise and sunset from a bird’s point of view. Someday I will have visited more countries than the fingers on my hand. As I look down to my blue pen in my right hand while sitting in a cushy airplane seat, I see high, high mountains covered in soft snow. The tangerine and apple colors that paint the sky like a canvas do not provide enough words to describe its beauty. It must be nice to obtain the ability to see the waves swallow the immense orange everyday without any hardships; you just have to be a bird. Below the fluffy cotton balls the green blanket lies, smooth an quiet like a marble counter top. there is not enough window room for myself to experience the wondrous delights the world has to offer. Someday I will be a journalist. Maybe a food critic or even a blogger. Traveling to each and every continent with a book, pen, and camera by my side. Whatever it is I just want to travel far distances away from what I am familiar with. What a fulfilling life I would have if I were to explore around the globe, taking pictures and documenting my life as I experience new adventures and learn new ideas. What a life, indeed.

LifeJennellee Samkhem