We are Spartans

Villa Park is a journey. Each student, teacher, and spartan will have a story to tell. This is what we’re here to do- tell everybody’s stories. Our team of amazing Spartans work hard each week to bring the best stories of VP onto this awesome website. 

We as a team try our best to update with new stories whenever we can and we also attempt to create the best website to present the work as we possibly can. Our spartan pride, student creativity and awesome content drive us to post more and more frequently. We are very excited to see what news and talented spartans there are here at VP and to give them a chance for their very own works to be read by many.  

Having a piece of personal work published, whether on a website or in print, is a high honor and an even higher honor is that this work may inspire conversation, friendly debate, and praise from all who read it. That’s what makes our website important- it gives people a chance to see and view works of VP’s brilliant spartans. Let us take you on a journey, be our Homer…